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Selection (3); Kiera Cass

eBook, englisch

The One

Harper Collins Publisher

Today you will see a premiere. This would be my first English review and I hope you will like it. If it does, maybe I will write more.

As in the other books of this trilogy you get some more information about America, Maxon, Aspen and the other girls of the elite. We find out which person wins the heart of America. Can she decide without breaking anyone’s heart? Will Maxon give her his heart or will he choose another girl on the list. Only four girls are left. Which one is the One?

About the book: The last one of this trilogy is again better than the second book. In my opinion this series would be also pretty good if you just put it in one book. But ok. Nevertheless I read this last one within 2 days, which proofs the writing of the author is just wonderful. I like this style although the story is not exactly my favorite.


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